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I’ll be showing you how you can install WordPress locally on a computer. Now, why would you want to how to install WordPress?

Normally if you want to build a wamp WordPress site you need to buy a domain and hosting and then launch a live Web site. But if you don’t want to launch a website and just want to try and test WordPress you can do that by watching this video. OK, so when you install WordPress locally all your Web site files will be stored on a computer. And this means only you will be able to access a Web site. This is a great way for you to learn making a website free of cost.

I was a builder WordPress site locally. You can then move to a live Web site. I will show you how you can do that in the latter part of this video. So keep watching. And now let’s how to install WordPress.

It is going to be totally free and we’re going to do it in just two simple steps. First, we’re going to download a software called Nami WordPress. Now, this is a software that is going to allow us to run WordPress on a computer. So to download it. Let’s go to our browser. And then search for big Nami WordPress. And press enter. Now. Click the first link. And then download but not me by clicking here. And. Clicking this link. So the bit Nami software is downloaded. Now let’s go to step two. Which is to install the software. So let’s open the file we have downloaded. And click Okay. Not keep clicking next. Deliveries this page. So this is a page where we need to enter the log and details of a local WordPress site. So enter your name. And then the user name and password for WordPress. Make sure to remember these details as we’ll be needing this to log in to how to install WordPress. Once they’re done. Keep clicking next. And WordPress will be a site.

No less click finish. I’ll take you to this page. So what is this no installing a computer?

No to access your site. Just have to click access WordPress. So let’s kick that. And as you can see a WordPress site is now running on a. OK. You can access a site anytime by going to localhost slash WordPress on your browser at. And now if you want to log into WordPress. Is add slash logging. I’ll take you to the logging page of WordPress. You can now log in by entering the details that you gave during the installation. So once you’ve logged in. You can start building a Web site. So this is how you get installed WordPress local UBC and start building a Web site.

Once you’re completed building a Web site you can then moved to live We show you how you can move from localhost to web host how to install WordPress offline. So that’s it, guys.

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